HEJJE- A sustainable alternative to footwear

 Sustainable Design complies with social, economic and ecological viability while designing products, built environment, Systems and services. The intent is to "minimize or completely eliminate negative environmental impact through skilful and sensitive design.

To me, sustainability means living so that what we consume does not vastly exceed what we contribute. 

A sturdy textile was created by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Netherlands using the leaves of the Areca palm. Made by soaking the plant matter in a special biological solution that leaves it supple and pliable.

Its a biodegradable, 100% vegan material with some of the properties of animal leather and rubber. Suitable for a wide range of products, including bags, footwear, and journal covers. It opens opportunities for artisans in South India, where there are ample plantations of Areca. 

Natural fiber based raw material can provide an exciting alternative for the vibrant crafts as well as mainstream industry in looking for alternative solutions for sustainable options in packaging and other consumer applications. Areca is therefore an interesting substitute which is not yet fully explored.

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